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Ph.D. Research Project: Mythology for Christians

To thank you for completing this Ph.D. research questionnaire, when you have finished you can have a full set of commercial reports on your personality, career options, and leadership style. There will be a link on the final screen.

Please read this page carefully. Also, make a note of any login details on the next screen, and your report link on the final screen. As this questionniare is anonymous, you won't be able to recover your reports in future if you lose them.


My project is examining an aspect of the theory of the psychologist C.G. Jung. It has several aims, including the promotion of religious tolerance. I am looking for adult participants of all persuasions, including Christian, atheist, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, agnostic, etc. At the moment, the project is not suitable for anyone experiencing a significant life trauma (e.g. bereavement, redundancy), any form of mental illness, or under-18s.

What is involved?

Participation involves completing some online questionnaires on your computer or tablet (they are not designed for use on a small screen, such as a mobile phone). They will take approximately 30 minutes to complete and, in normal use, will use well under a megabyte of your data allowance. The questions are about yourself, your personality, your beliefs, and your attitude towards other religions.


In this version of the questionnaire, the information collected via this secure website is anonymous and will be stored on a secure database. I will not disclose individual responses to anyone and will only be analysing/publishing averages and trends.

Feedback on your results

After you have completed the questionnaire, your provisional results will be in an e-book, which you can download in PDF or EPUB format, or view online in a web page. The reason for the results being provisional will be discussed in the e-book.

How to exit

You do not have to participate in this research (it is voluntary). You can exit at any time, and optionally request that I delete your data, by clicking on the small "Exit Research" link at the bottom of every screen and following the prompts.

What next?

If you wish to continue and participate, I will give you a username and password on the next screen. Please make a note of them, as they cannot be recovered if you lose them. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me (click on my picture at the top). Please answer these five questions carefully:

I am 18 or over
I am experiencing a life trauma at the moment
I am being treated for a mental health issue
I agree my responses can be stored securely and anonymously for research.

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